Our photography and print project
for our friends at WyseCarts.com

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  • Sunset
    Pettisville Sunset
  • Cicada 1
    Dog-day or Annual Cicada
  • Cicada 2
    Another dog-day Cicada
  • Cicada 3
    July and August in nw Ohio with Cicada's singing in the evening.
  • Cicada 4
    Cicada Shell
  • Cicada 5
    The Cicada shell is an exoskeleton
  • Cicada 6
    Cicada coming out of it's shell
  • Cicada 7
    Fragile, lacy, Cicada wings.
  • Park Pond
    Pettisville Park Pond June 26, 2016
  • Wheat Field
    Wheat Field in nw Ohio