Google Lens Identifies Flowers

Google Lens Tutorial

The feature, "Google Lens" that's built into the iPhone app, "Google Photos" identified the wildflowers in the photo album we made for these Prairie natives photos. Here's a 3-minute video showing the steps I used, on my iPhone, to have Google Lens analyze a photo and identify the wildflower in that photo.

I started with the Chrome browser on my iPhone by following the web address for this Google Album, that was in an email message.

Next I tapped the button that switched me to using the iPhone's Google Photo's App, so I could use the App's feature "Google Lens". I scrolled down through the photos and selected one, by tapping it. Under the single photo are several icons. The one on the right is "Google Lens". After tapping the Lens icon, it starts processing the image, and a crop tool appears. I moved it's corners to isolate the wildflower I wanted to identify.

Google returned several images similar to my photo, the flower's common name, and botanical name.

Besides identifying wildflowers, Google Lens on your smartphone can scan and translate text and more. Here's a link for additional info-