Hocking Hills


This is a map project I put together for friends headed to southeastern Ohio for a family vacation. If you're planning a trip to Hocking Hills you might want to make printouts as well as take this PDF along on your mobile device. There are many spots in the Hocking Hills area where you won't get a cellphone connection.

The PDF has clickable links, but not all browsers or mobile apps let you use hyper links embedded in a PDF. iBooks lets you save PDFs directly to iOS devices and my PDF links work fine in iBooks. For help getting this PDF into iBooks, check these instructions from iDownloadBlog.com- How to Save PDF files to iBooks

Links in this PDF were updated Mar 2019. In this 7 page PDF (download below) there's a link to this same Google Map, showing my favorite three stops at Hocking Hills and a few more places of interest in Nelsonville and Athens.

Google Map of Southeastern Ohio including Hocking Hills
View Southeastern Ohio on Google Maps  

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